12 reasons you should see a broker for car finance


We’ve all heard the horror stories about a mechanically-challenged friend buying a car and it turning out to be an absolute lemon.

Well, the truth is that sourcing finance for the car isn’t all too dissimilar. But here are 12 reasons why you won’t end up with a lemon of a loan with us!

1. Using a finance broker doesn’t cost you a penny

Using a car finance broker is free. We won’t charge you for any of the work we do on your behalf. Also, all enquiries are free and there’s absolutely no obligation to go ahead with any of the options we present to you.

While it’s true we work on a commission basis from the lender, we work for you. Not the car dealership. Not the bank. You.

If we don’t find you a loan product that you’re completely happy with, then you’ll go elsewhere and we don’t get paid. And fair enough!

2. Access to possible discounts

We don’t want to brag, but negotiating with lenders is our thing. We deal with lenders on a daily basis and know just how hard to push when sourcing you a loan. This can result in discounted interest rates for you.

3. Time is money

Using a finance broker saves you time. And as we all know time = money.

By having us go out and negotiate on your behalf it can save you countless hours researching interest rates and repayments, and then getting in touch and negotiating with various banks and lenders.

4. We’ve got your best interests at heart

It’s our number one priority to make you happy by helping you source a loan that suits your needs.

It’s really important for our business and reputation that we nail our job. The big banks don’t have this same incentive to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the quality of their service. Neither do the car dealerships!

5. Pay less for the vehicle

There’s this little trick car dealerships like to use – the old ‘Drive away, 0% finance to pay’.

But all too often the dealerships sell these vehicles at inflated prices.

For example, a car that has a price tag of $24,990 with a 0% finance deal might sound great, but the automaker would most likely be willing to sell it to you upfront for $19,990. Therefore, you can actually end up paying $1000-$2000 less if you take out a competitive loan through us.

6. Avoid hidden nasties

Did you know that 80% of people don’t read Product Disclosure Statements?

You can’t exactly blame them. If you read every PDS, T&Cs and Privacy Policy you came across it would literally take you weeks to complete each year.

Instead, by using us we can give you the low down on the important points in the PDS to help you avoid getting stung by hidden nasties.

7. Access to dozens of lenders

We’ve got access to dozens of lenders on the market to help you score a competitive rate. Not only that, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse when it comes to the deals that lenders are offering.

You won’t have access to this many lenders if you deal directly with a bank or car dealership.

8. Get a loan suited to your needs

After finding out a little more about your situation, we’ll be able to get in touch with our panel of lenders to find a loan that’s suited to your personal needs.

This can even include finding a vehicle that’s suited to your family’s needs, if you need us to do so!

9. Got less than perfect credit rating?

If you’ve run into a bit of credit trouble in the past, we can still help you source a line of credit for your vehicle. We’ve got good experience in this department and know which lenders to approach to help you get a loan.

10. Convenience is king

We take all of the legwork out of sourcing car finance. We’ll liaise with lenders on your behalf, compare what they can offer, and come back to you with the options that we believe will suit you.

That will take a big weight off your shoulders as well as a lot of potential stress!

11. Minimise the impact on your credit file

If you apply for finance with more than one lender it can have a detrimental impact on your credit file. However working with a finance broker can allow you to apply with a number of lenders through just the one application.

12. The personal touch

While online (and big bank) options exist, we pride ourselves on our personal touch. If you’ve ever got any queries or concerns about your loan you can pick up the phone and we’ll sort it out for you.

That’s much better than calling up a call centre and being bumped around from anonymous customer service person to anonymous customer service person.

Get the ball rolling now

All too often the process of sourcing car finance is put in the too-hard-basket. But by simply picking up the phone and calling us now we can help you get the ball rolling.

It’s quick and easy, too. We’ll get some initials details from you and get cracking asap.

That way you can get stuck into the other tasks on your to-do-list, or simply kick back and watch Netflix!

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